What is DCC-WHT ?

Developing Countries Center For Women Health Training DCC- WHT is a scientific center with old and update experiences, established for valuable goals

DCC- WHT is mainly involved with the promotion and support of women health training and education, by provide educational activities to the Developing Countries physicians and health care professionals that reinforce basic medical knowledge, impart updated information on clinical practice and health care delivery, introduce new ideas, skills and technology.

The mission of DCC- WHT is to assist physicians in the maintenance of their commitment to lifelong learning and improved patient care through the provision of high quality continuous medical education`s activities and initiatives aiming to improve women health care in developing countries.

Also DCC- WHT try to achieve gender equality and to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women in the Developing Countries .

Developing Countries Center For Women Health Training DCC- WHT is an private, independent, nongovernmental and nonpartisan entity.

It is linked and affiliated, intellectually and philosophically to The Egyptian Society Of Chronic Pelvic Pain In Women ES.CPP.W. Which is non-profit organization.

Members have more than 30 years of medical practicing in the field of Gynecology and Obstetrics, and 10 years of medical education of women health.

The continuing medical education activities provided by Developing Countries Center For Women Health Training DCC-WHT meet the high standards of the Essential Areas, Elements and Policies for Accreditation almost as the same as specified by the American “ Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education “ ACCME. Although we are not applied to ACCME due to our practice is not inside America, but our centre inspire and try to follow ACCME instructions and guided by its wise and correct view.