Egyptian Society Of Chronic Pelvic Pain In Women
Founded by Dr. Nasr Said Nassar, in 2003

Activities :
1 – Establishing " Unit of Chronic Pelvic Pain for Women " in 2003 . This unit belong the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Monira General Governmental Hospital, Cairo , Egypt ( one of the leading and biggest governmental hospitals in Egypt ) . Since then, till now, the unit held one day every week, the average number of patients every month is about 100 - 120 patients.
In this Unit (which is absolutely free ) all the patients are seen, examined, investigated and treated either medical , or surgical (either endoscopic or open surgery) for free without any fees, The Egyptian Ministry of Heath covers all costs .
2 – Extensive and wide spread educational activities since 2003, about the Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women, for physicians of different specialties ( all titles and all ages) , in training courses , workshops and lectures, all are performed by Dr. Nasr Said Nassar .
3 – Issuing the medical journal of The Egyptian Society Of Chronic Pelvic Pain for Women since last two years.
Editing, publishing, and distributing this journal, are by Dr. Nasr Said Nassar for free of charge.
It is free on the web:
January 2009
May 2009
يوليو 2009
4 – Starting doing some research work in the field of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women